A participant throws a fir tree at the 16th World Christmas Tree Throwing Championships in Weidenthal, Germany.

A participant throws a fir tree at the 16th World Christmas Tree Throwing Championships in Weidenthal, Germany. Kamila Grabska was photographed participating in a similar competition in Ennis, Ireland, according to The Irish Independent.Uwe Anspach/Picture Alliance via Getty Images

  • A woman in Ireland lost her $823,000 injury claim over a photograph of her throwing a Christmas tree.

  • Kamila Grabska, 36, won the 2018 tree throwing competition after telling doctors about back and neck pain.

  • She had been in a car accident in 2017 that she said left her unable to work for years.

A woman in Ireland who sued an insurance company for $823,000 had her injury claim dismissed after the court saw a photo of her participating in a Christmas tree throwing contest.

Kamila Grabska, 36, sued RSA Insurance for what she claimed was back and neck pain due to a car accident in 2017, The Irish Independent reported.

The accident left her unable to work for more than five years, she said.

Grabska also said she couldn’t hold her children, finish basic tasks or lift a heavy bag and sometimes needed her medications brought to bed because of the pain, according to the outlet.

However, a photo shown to Ireland’s High Court in Limerick showed Grabska throwing a Christmas tree in January 2018, the outlet reported.

Grabska, a resident of the town of Ennis, was one of the people photographed throwing 5-foot-tall fir trees in the local tree throwing competition, as seen in this BBC article. Contestants compete to see who can throw a tree the furthest.

The Irish Independent reported that Grabska admitted to judge Carmel Stewart that she won the competition.

A 2018 article from the outlet named her the winner in the women’s event. Grabska appears in the main image of the article, wearing a yellow jacket and work gloves, and she appears to be throwing a tree.

Just days before the competition, Grabska had reported constant pain in her spine, back and neck to doctors, according to The Irish Independent.

“It’s a very large natural Christmas tree and she throws it in a very agile movement,” Stewart, the presiding judge, said, according to the outlet. “I’m afraid I cannot help but conclude that the claims were totally exaggerated.”

According to The Irish Independent, the court was also shown footage of Grabska playing with a Dalmatian in a park for around 90 minutes.

The images were taken in November 2023, The Telegraph reported.

His hearing was dismissed Thursday, court records show.

The law firm representing Grabska did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent outside normal business hours by Business Insider.

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