Schiff said boosting electric vehicles, investing in renewable energy and banning fossil fuel leasing off the California coast would reduce costs for consumers while creating jobs and reducing greenhouse gases.

“The climate crisis is the greatest existential threat facing our state, our nation and our planet,” he said in a statement.

Schiff had previously tried to position himself to the left of Porter and Lee on climate. In last month’s Senate debate hosted by POLITICO, he was the only candidate to fully endorse Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to transition to the sale of new zero-emission cars by 2035. Lee and Porter expressed concerns about affordability and Porter attacked Schiff for accepting fossil contributions. fuel companies.

On the issue of water in the drought-prone state, where all candidates have avoided going into details, Schiff maintained his high standard and called for capturing more excess water, investing in the state’s aging flood management infrastructure and providing more funds for Lead Pipe Replacement.

The plan takes a hard line on oil. He notes that the federal government can generate $13 billion in tax revenue over a decade by eliminating oil subsidies, and calls for a windfall tax on oil companies that employ price-gouging tactics, which Newsom tried to establish last year. past. Schiff also proposed authorizing the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to penalize utilities for price gouging during disasters and ban permit renewals if oil companies don’t clean up after spills.

As for electric vehicles, he called for requiring dealers to offer tax credits at the time of sale, which currently depends on dealer participation, and for federal funding to cover 30 percent of the cost of e-bikes.

Regarding the wildfires, which are prompting insurers to increasingly lay off suburban and rural Californians, Schiff proposed creating a federal reinsurance program to compensate insurers for their losses as well as boost management tactics. of forest fires, such as prescribed burning.

Other specific details include a call for the federal Department of Energy to increase its funding for green technology incubators from $5 million per year to $475 million, creating a tax credit under the CARES Act for fossil fuel employers to retain their workers in other roles, and an increase in funding to $20 billion for projects to redesign or eliminate previously constructed roads through communities of color.

Taking an outspoken stance on climate could lead to more attacks from former President Donald Trump. Trump on Tuesday released a Truth Social speech against Schiff, who led the former president’s impeachment process in 2019 and served on the Jan. 6 House committee. It included claims that he had done nothing for California other than “push the new green scam and mandate all electric cars” and “prevent water from flowing freely into the state from the north.”

Schiff responded in X: “Clearly the mark of a very stable genius.”

Dustin Gardiner contributed to this report.

By Sam