Authorities around the world have conducted drug raids in some pretty wild places, finding priceless shipments where you would never think to look. Police in the United Kingdom have just set a record for the largest Class A drug bust by weight in the country’s history, seizing a total of 5.7 tonnes of cocaine with an estimated value of more than $570 million. However, the illicit packages were not sent alone; They were discovered in cargo boxes full of bananas.

The National Crime Agency told the bbc that the drugs were on their way to Hamburg, Germany. Authorities were called to search the cargo at the port of Southampton before the ship set sail. They found dozens of boxes of green bananas with packages of cocaine buried among the fruit.

“This is a huge financial hit for a criminal group and it will seriously disrupt them,” the NCA drug threats leader told the bbc. “We have seen high levels of seizures across Europe (in recent years), but we are in a cocaine market where production continues to increase in South America.”

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As for the final destination of the packages, NCA director Chris Farrimond believed the drugs would have ended up in the UK anyway, even if the shipment had arrived safely in Germany.

“While in this case the destination of the shipment was continental Europe, I have no doubt that a significant proportion would have ended up here in the UK, being trafficked by British criminal gangs,” he said. “Working closely with UK partners like Border Force, we are determined to do everything we can to protect the UK public.”

It’s probably safe to say that the precious cargo was not a great source of potassium.

By Sam