Billionaire Elon Musk has vowed to “make things right” with a California bakery after his company backed out on a cake order that cost the owner thousands of dollars.

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“I just found out about this. Will make things right with the bakery,” Musk said on X (formerly Twitter) in response to a story about the canceled order.

Musk’s company Telsa abandoned an order for 4,000 mini pies from Giving Pies, a Black-owned bakery in San Jose, central California.

Owner Voahangy Rasetarinera told KRON-TV that her bakery received a last-minute order for 2,000 Tesla cakes on Valentine’s Day, a $6,000 profit for the small business, KTVU reported.

While Rasetarinera previously worked on large catering orders with other tech companies, he said he had to chase Tesla several times over payment for the order, the money needed to secure the ingredients and pay his staff.

On Thursday evening, a Tesla representative named Laura contacted Rasetarinera and apologized for the late payment. Laura also increased the order to 4,000 pies, assuring Rasetarinera that money was not a problem.

Rasetarinera said she and her team had worked overtime to achieve the mega order. But Tesla never responded to several invoices sent by the cake company for payment.

Instead, on Friday, Laura sent Rasetarinera a message, letting him know that the order was no longer necessary.

Rasetarinera said in a Facebook post that the casual cancellation “left me stunned, realizing the extent of the impact on my small business.”

“I had invested time, resources and effort based on Tesla’s guarantees, only to be left broke,” he added.

Rasetarinera told KRON that the last-minute cancellation of such a large order hurt his business. To fulfill Tesla’s order, Rasetarinera had to turn down other catering jobs.

“I am a small business. I don’t have the luxury of infinite resources, so I really need to get paid to be able to insure my staff,” Rasetarinera said.

A Tesla representative later approached Rasetarinera and told her that Laura was not authorized to approve payments, KGO-TV, an ABC affiliate, reported.

As of Thursday, the company did not pay Rasetarinera for the pies, but offered him a tour of the factory.

But Musk’s post on Friday, in light of the viral story, may be a sign that the small company will soon be compensated for its hard work.

“People should always be able to count on Tesla to do its best,” Musk said in the post to X.

By Sam