The joint petition comes as American Republicans continue to resist a new funding deal for the war-torn country, and as European capitals mull their options for constraining Moscow amid signs of fatigue two years later.

“This war is the greatest test of our generation,” the couple writes. “A totally unprovoked invasion. A blatant threat to our collective security. The clearest example of a country trying to extinguish the independence of another.

“Other adversaries are watching how we respond. Will we be with Ukraine? Will we resist Putin’s open aggression? The consequences of failure will not only be felt in Ukraine: they will remake the world as we know it.”

Cameron, a former British prime minister turned foreign secretary, received little attention earlier this month when he traveled to Washington to try to drum up support for Ukraine. US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, an ally of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, told the UK’s top diplomat to “kiss my ass”.

But Cameron and Sikorski, who serves as a foreign affairs representative in Donald Tusk’s administration, cite a 1996 American comedy film. Jerry Maguire while urging the United States and its allies to “show me the money.”

“Britain and the EU have committed more funds to Ukraine, and we believe it is in the interest of the United States (and all our allies) to do the same,” they write.

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By Sam