After Trump attorney Steve Sadow concluded his questioning of District Attorney Fani Willis, attorneys for other co-defendants got their chance, but the judge appeared to grow frustrated as defense attorneys tried to find new lines of questioning.

Allyn Stockton, representing co-defendant Rudy Giuliani, asked Willis about contracts awarded to Wade’s law partners.

“Did Wade’s law partners Bradley and Campbell also get contracts with the DA’s office?” —Stockton asked.

“Yes, but only for a short time after I became district attorney. Then I let them go when my office was adequately staffed,” he responded.

Harry MacDougald, representing co-defendant Jeffrey Clark, briefly questioned Willis about his financial disclosure form before the judge told him to sit down.

“I don’t think she answered that question, your honor,” MacDougald said.

“She responded about specific individual gifts,” Judge McAfee responded, seemingly more frustrated. “And you’re not listening to my answer either. So we’re done.”

By Sam