As the Biden-Harris campaign’s top surrogate, Newsom, 56, often faces questions from the media about Biden’s fitness as well as his own White House ambitions. He has talked excessively about the president’s devotion to the country and his capacity for empathy and declared himself “hypnotized” by the “master class” that Biden has given in Washington.

Still, in the interview that aired Sunday, Newsom was asked if the 81-year-old president needs to do more in public to demonstrate his forcefulness and dominance.

“I think he’s doing everything he needs to do,” he said. “I mean, she has an extraordinary record. He is currently doing everything he needs to do regarding Ukraine. He is doing whatever it takes to reconcile and fight against common sense when it comes to a bipartisan approach to addressing the border issue where Republicans couldn’t take “yes” for an answer because they don’t want that to happen. a political question,” she stated. “He’s leading.”

Newsom also dismissed questions about his own presidential prospects in 2024 and whether he received calls from anxious donors focused on a Plan B for Biden. He repeated that he finds these types of questions boring and that he doesn’t think they are necessary.

“It’s all useless talk. Did you know? That’s a sideshow. “I think what Democrats need to do is worry less, do more, keep outperforming what we have, keep winning, make the case,” Newsom said.

He said simply engaging in the question about him or someone else running is a blessing for Republicans. Republican officials and conservative media figures have speculated for months not only about Newsom but also about Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“Frankly, it’s a damning conversation that the other side wants us to have. And believe me, I know the evil ones that come from the other side. “I am deeply aware of the anger machine and the entire entertainment industry that exists on Fox and elsewhere,” said Newsom, a regular consumer of conservative media.

“They love ginning these things. At the end of the day, not only did this train leave the station, but we also get to enjoy a record of accomplishment in making the case for re-election, something we couldn’t have even dreamed of even as a Democrat. the last century”.

By Sam