MUNICH — Vice President Kamala Harris warned Friday of the dangers of growing authoritarianism and isolationism in a not-so-veiled repudiation of Donald Trump’s worldview and threats to renege on security guarantees for NATO allies should he return to the White House.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Harris offered a broad defense of the Biden administration’s approach to global challenges, especially in leading international support for Ukraine in its war with Russia. His comments came as Ukraine risks losing US support due to congressional dysfunction and the positions taken by Trump and many of his supporters.

Amid an atmosphere of deep anguish at the conference, marked by Friday’s news of the death in prison of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Harris said the United States would not back down from its support for democracy and multilateralism. , as well as in defending international rules and norms from attempts to subvert them.

“We are committed to seeking global engagement, upholding international rules and norms to defend democratic allies at home and abroad, and working with our allies and partners in pursuit of shared goals,” Harris said.

“However, there are some in the United States who disagree and suggest that it is best for the American people to isolate ourselves from the world, flout common understandings among nations, embrace dictators and adopt repressive tactics and abandon commitments to our allies in favor of unilateral action,” he said.

“Let me be clear: That worldview is dangerous, destabilizing and, in fact, shortsighted,” Harris said without mentioning Trump by name. “That vision would weaken the United States and undermine global stability and global prosperity. Therefore, President Biden and I reject that view.”

Earlier, UN chief Antonio Guterres gave a stark and bleak assessment of the current state of the world, lamenting not only the war in Ukraine but also the current situation in Gaza, where Israel appears set to launch a major operation against Hamas in the southern city. from Rafá.

“It is clear that our world is in serious trouble,” Guterres said. “Global governance in its current form is entrenching divisions and fueling discontent.”

“Today we see countries that do what they want, without being accountable. “Impunity seems to be the name of the game,” she stated.

By Sam