It’s an election year… yes.

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That means your feeds will be saturated with bizarre stories about both parties trying to win over voters.

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Which brings me to this ignorant, at best, and horribly racist, at worst, opinion from Fox News analyst Raymond Arroyo.

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In case you missed it, former president and 2024 Republican front-runner donald trump I arrived at Sneakercon in Philadelphia last weekend. Your mission? To sell his new sneakers, called Never Surrender Gold Hi-Tops (probably to help pay his high legal fees).

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The shoes, which sold for $399 and had a limited production run, sold out. However, it’s worth noting that I can’t find a pair on StockX or GOAT, which is the best way to gauge whether sneakerheads actually care about the shoe.

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Never Surrender gold high-tops were the subject of Arroyo’s Fox News segment, where she claimed that Black voters are jumping off the Biden bandwagon to join MAGA because, as you may have guessed, Black people love sneakers. “This connects with black America because they love sneakers,” Arroyo said. “This is a big problem, certainly downtown,” he continued. “So when Trump launches his sneaker line, they say, ‘Wait a minute, this is cool.’ He’s reaching them on a level that defies and is above politics. Culture always trumps politics. And Trump understands. culture like no politician I have ever seen.

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Of course, the Internet had some ideas.

Oh, no, not the “Aerial Defendant.”

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It’s pretty clear what they think of black people.

Twitter: @acnewsitics

I could not agree more.

Twitter: @TalbertSwan

The streets of New York have spoken.

Twitter: @WUTangKids

These must be volumes 2.

Twitter: @OurSkiesApp

That actually sounds very good.

Twitter: @LinnyPee

The Trump family photo you didn’t know you needed.

Twitter: @reverendD10

Is this a plot twist?

Twitter: @June_sKinnyBlak

That’s probably how they think the black community is going to respond.

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Twitter: @sdbeckrum66

It seems more like 1984 to me.

Twitter: @JordieHendrix

I can smell the hot glue from here.

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Twitter: @EstProtector

Are we even surprised that this was Fox News’ opinion?

Twitter: @Mason_Mcvey

*Starts shaking and moving*

Twitter: @NFLfam100

Not even rocks can be THAT dumb.

Twitter: @Cantankerous_ed

Never surprised, but always shocked.

Twitter: @PrinceHAK33M

We are truly an unserious nation.

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What do you think about the Never Surrender high top sneakers and the Fox News segment? Let me know below in the comments section!

By Sam