Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis was “out of control” during her testimony in Georgia on Thursday, Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro said.

Pirro, co-host of “The Five,” dismissed Willis’ claim on the stand that she was not a “hostile witness” but an “adverse witness,” amid two hours of often contentious back-and-forth between her and lawyers for former President Trump and his co-defendants in their election cases.

“This is a combination of a very real court, but also with a soap opera, where characters and explosions appear that you normally don’t see in a court,” Pirro said. “Fani Willis is out of control. She’s fine: no judge would tolerate what she did in that courtroom.”

Pirro questioned how Judge Scott McAfee could allow Willis’s lengthy responses and “condescension” without finding her in contempt. He said if she had acted as Willis did as a witness, she probably would have been charged.


As he answered questions from Trump lawyer Steve Sadow, Willis seemed animated and spoke loudly. Pirro said the incident showed further unprofessionalism on the part of the Fulton County prosecutor, as “she yelled at (Sadow) and then (she told him) ‘don’t yell at me.'”

“She literally thought this was her show; that she was running the courtroom,” Pirro said. “When she says ‘I’m not hostile’ or says ‘that’s an inaccurate way for you to ask me a question,’ since when are you the judge? – And that the judge let her get away with it.”

Pirro questioned how Willis was able to take so many far-flung trips, often with his alleged romantic partner Nathan Wade, who is under fire for subsequently hiring him as part of cases involving Trump and co-defendants, and still have the ability to properly supervise the Georgia situation. largest office in the county.

Pirro also pointed to Willis’ testimony about whether she reimbursed Wade for aspects of the trips he may have paid for, saying the entire situation involving the couple could damage her office’s reputation.

“The DA’s office sucks,” he said.


Co-host Jesse Watters later added that Willis’ responses in other respects did not portray her or her office in a positive light.

He entered into an exchange about Wade being a “world traveler,” who Willis said had been to six of the seven continents. During testimony, attorney Allyn Stockton, representing former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, asked which continents she traveled to with Wade.

“She said, ‘Well, I’ve been to Belize, what continent is Belize on?'” Watters said. “This woman is prosecuting the former president of the United States. She flies to a country and doesn’t know what continent she is on.”

“That’s number one. They are not intelligent or professional people. They are petty people who suddenly everyone is looking at, and their dirty laundry is completely exposed,” he added.

Watters added that it was also unwise for Willis to reveal to “everyone in Atlanta” that he keeps large amounts of cash in his house, adding that he created even more of a stir when he thought Sadow uttered an explicit sexual term instead of the word “horde.” “. when describing apparent cash holdings.

The exchange prompted McAfee to intervene: “Okay, let’s get back on track.”

Co-host Dana Perino later added that she sympathized with McAfee in having to deal with the contentious hearing, suggesting that the judge probably thought in retrospect: “I didn’t think I was going to preside over a ‘Guiding Light’ series in my courtroom. “

Perino added that Atlanta is not much different from Walterboro, South Carolina, where many of the judicial officials involved in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial knew each other in that sense.

Willis was notably adverse to attorney Ashleigh Merchant, who represents Trump’s co-defendant, Michael Roman.


Roman, a veteran Republican political operative from Philadelphia, argued in recent court filings that Willis should be disqualified from the case, alleging that she benefited financially from hiring Wade because of their relationship.

Willis at one point claimed that Merchant’s “interests” are “contrary to democracy.”

By Sam