“Some people treat AIs like idols, oracles, demigods,” Benanti told POLITICO. “The risk is that they delegate critical thinking and decision-making power to these machines.”

The 50 year old Chaplain has made its mark on AI diplomacy through strategic documents such as the Rome Call for AI Ethics, the Holy See’s attempt to establish basic moral rules for the emerging technology.

This set of essential principles (transparency, inclusion, accountability, fairness, trustworthiness, security and privacy) for AI design has gained the support of technology giants Microsoft and IBM, religious leaders around the world, the government of Italy and the United Nations agency based in Rome. Food and Agriculture Organization.

“The biggest risk is that AI makes or is used to make decisions about people’s lives in a surreptitious and undemocratic way,” Benanti said. “That’s why we need a grassroots governance process that steers innovation toward progress.”

As the chief architect of the Rome Call, Benanti has become a household name among tech greats, and Microsoft president Brad Smith even featured him on his podcast last year.

But Benanti is also a strategic advisor to the Italian government, and Meloni often mentions “algo-ethics,” a phrase he coined. Benanti even flanked the Italian prime minister in a recent meeting with Microsoft founder Bill Gates last month.

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By Sam