STORY: The body of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalnywho died unexpectedly in prison on February 16, was handed over to his mother on Saturday (nine days later) in the remote Arctic town of Salekhard.

That’s according to Navlany’s spokesperson, who posted on

In a video posted on YouTube less than 24 hours earlier, Navalny’s widow, Yulia Navalnaya, demanded the release of her husband’s body and accused Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom she called demonic, of “torturing” her husband’s corpse. .

“You are making fun of the remains of the deceased. It is impossible to come with more devilry. “You have violated all laws, both human and divine.”

Navalnaya said she would continue the fight against Putin’s regime and called him “fake” for often professing his Christian faith.

On Friday, Navalny’s mother said Russian investigators were refusing to remove her son’s body from a morgue in Salekhard until she agreed to bury him without a public funeral.

Navalny’s advisers said on Saturday that authorities had threatened to bury him in the remote penal colony where he died unless his family agreed to their conditions.

By Sam