“I’m focused on being governor of Colorado,” Polis said. Instead, Polis said he hopes to address Colorado’s affordable housing problem in the next three or four years.

Polis, a key surrogate for President Joe Biden, also defended the president’s age, policies and re-election campaign during his interview with POLITICO, even as voters are increasingly concerned about Biden’s advanced age.

It is not the first indication that Polis is running for president. During his State of the State address earlier this year, Polis previewed a possible run for the White House in 2028. “There have been some rumblings about what could be the next step for me as well,” Polis said.

But his response earlier this year also eluded his future ambitions: Polis joked, “I would like to announce that I will be trying out for the Colorado Rockies this spring.”

By Sam