Fox News’ Sean Hannity discusses President Biden’s “strange moment” on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Fine, you president joe biden, its fragility is becoming a big problem for Democrats and White House advisers; They are fighting mightily to cover it. Now, yesterday, while stopping in San Francisco as part of their California fundraising tour, Biden and Pelosi look at that. Isn’t that really cute? They are holding hands, shuffling across the tarmac on their way from Air Force One to Marine One. One social media user noted that “it looked like a meeting at a nursing home or like they were headed to play tag.” bingo together.” Well, I doubt Joe will be able to play, but that’s a different story. But that wasn’t Joe’s only weird moment this week.

When boarding Air Force One on Tuesday, use the baby steps in the back, not the big steps. Well, Biden stumbled not once but twice before recovering. Now, remember, she has been using the smaller steps to avoid these embarrassing moments on the big steps that she kept falling on. According to a new report, he is now wearing sneakers with extra thick soles. I thought new shoes or sneakers were supposed to help. It’s clearly not working. Now, supposedly, as part of his assistants’ plan to prevent falling and slipping Just as often, well, anyway, I’m not sure this is going to be the game changer they want, but it’s alarming to see all of this coming from their president. The physical decline, even in the last three years since he took office, is more obvious every day, but still, well, his handlers in the White House… remember that they once said that he does more in an hour than the Most people do it in one day. That’s right up there with border security. That’s right up there with the other lie that he never spoke to his brother or his son, or anyone, for that matter, about his business abroad.


But anyway, they are working harder to cover up what is a clear decline. Now, apparently putting all the press on the White House and White House reporters for their coverage of their failed president. According to a new report. Spokesman of the White House Council, a guy called Ian Sams, I don’t think he likes it. In fact, she sent a letter to members of the White House Correspondents’ Association. Because? Complain that the media was misreporting the findings of the special counsel’s damning report. But the complaints of one of Biden’s top propagandists apparently aren’t going down too well with his friends and liberal media mob journalists, according to a Washington reporter who has covered the Biden White House.

By Sam