Ukrainians have questions.

However, on the anniversary of Putin’s aggression, uncertainty and irritation were evident in kyiv. The Ukrainians wanted to know why Western sanctions on Russia are not working and why Moscow continues to source components for its missiles from Western companies. Why Ukrainians have to keep asking for weapons; and why the United States is not pushing the crucial new aid package for Ukraine.

“We are very grateful for the support of the United States, but unfortunately, when I ask the Democrats for support, they tell me to go to the Republicans. And the Republicans tell me to go to the Democrats,” said Ukrainian parliamentarian Oleksandra Ustinova. at a separate conference in kyiv on Saturday. “We are grateful for European support, but we cannot win without the United States. We need the supply of air defenses and continued assistance.”

“Why don’t you give us what we ask for? Our priorities are air defense and missiles. We need long-range missiles,” Ustinova added.

US Congressman Jim Costa explained at the conference that Americans, and even members of Congress, still need to be educated about how the war in Ukraine affects them and why a Ukrainian victory is in the best interest of the United States.

“I think we should do it, and that’s why we will decide on an additional aid package for Ukraine. It’s difficult and unattractive. But I think that in the coming weeks, the US response will be a beacon to protect our security and democratic values,” Costa said.

The West is afraid of Russia, Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s security and defense council, said at Saturday’s conference.

“The West does not know what to do with Russia and that is why it does not allow us to win. The Russians constantly blackmail and intimidate the West. However, if you are afraid of a dog, he will bite you,” he stated.

“And now we are losing not only to autocratic Russia but also to the rest of the world’s autocracies,” Danilov added.

By Sam