In a recent episode of Caleb Hammer’s financial audit series, he speaks with Gia, a 25-year-old from Sacramento, about her challenging journey through financial mismanagement that led to her becoming homeless. Hammer, known for her simple advice, addresses Gia’s decisions and their impact, highlighting the importance of financial responsibility.

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During the audit, Gia admitted to purchasing a van with the intention of embracing van life, only to lose it shortly after getting into an accident.

This incident was emblematic of a series of bad decisions that led to a financial crisis and homelessness. “I wouldn’t want you to be on the street. But you’re literally choosing it. There are a lot of people facing homelessness and that’s not an option. Yours is.”

Hammer was taken aback by Gia’s age and commented on the seriousness of her situation for someone so young. He emphasized: “Her finances are a mess. Your life is a disaster. I need this to be the conversation that changes your life.”

As the conversation progressed, it became clear that Gia’s challenges were not just financial but also deeply personal. She revealed a complex relationship with her husband, on whom she was separated but financially dependent, and a struggle with her mental health that hindered her ability to maintain employment. He still sends her money and keeps her possessions while she currently lives in her car. He said there is a warrant for her arrest in Kansas.

Hammer’s advice was blunt and direct: “You are simply choosing not to work. “You’re choosing not to… you’re wasting your life.”

One of the most poignant moments of the audit came when Hammer addressed Gia’s homelessness, her need to live in her car, and her reliance on sporadic income from odd jobs and online begging. He expressed genuine fear for her safety and well-being, stating: “I’m legitimately scared for you, and this is like a desperate, desperate attempt at a wake-up call for you.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, he rated his finances a 0. He broke down his credit report, which showed that only 36% of his accounts were paid as agreed and his credit utilization was 162%, with multiple accounts in collections .

Despite the bleak picture painted throughout the audit, Hammer attempted to instill a sense of hope and responsibility in Gia, urging her to prove him wrong and make significant changes in her life. His frustration was palpable as she faced the reality of his situation: “I want you to prove me wrong. Absolutely. And we can celebrate, and I will be very happy. But right now you’ve given up. “I have given up.”

The episode concluded with Hammer reflecting on the limits of his ability to help someone who is unwilling to help themselves. He acknowledged the sadness and disgust he felt, underscoring the tragic waste of potential in Gia’s story. “I feel disgusted; I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what I could do to help you,” he said.

Gia didn’t disagree or express a desire to change her life, she just asked him if he “hypothetically got a job,” what he should focus on paying for first. He told her that she needed to save about $10,000 rather than pay anything initially, but that she should prioritize her mental health issues.

Through this candid and sometimes harsh dialogue, Hammer’s financial audit illuminated the harsh realities of financial neglect and the importance of taking control of your life before it is too late.

Hammer is popular on TikTok and YouTube, but openly admits that he is not a certified financial advisor. His ideas come from personal observations and experiences, intended to provoke reflection and action among his audience. This distinction underscores the importance of seeking professional financial advice for those struggling with finances.

Professional financial advisors can provide personalized guidance on a variety of topics, from debt management to investment strategies, ensuring that people receive recommendations that best fit their specific financial situations.

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